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Make use of every event to maximize the potential of your LMS.

Just what are engagements? Engagements are a way to trigger any number of actions when an event occurs in your LMS. The default engagement types that come with LifterLMS are Achievement, Certificate and Email.

What are events? Simple answer: anything. Here's an example: When a user completes a lesson, that is an event. When the user completes the first section of a course, that's an event. When the course is completed... you get the idea.

But what about other things that happen on your site, not just course related events? Well, when a new user registers for your website, logs in or doesn't log in. Those are all events that you can capture with LifterLMS and trigger off an engagement.

Another amazing thing about engagements is that they can be set on a delay. Let's imagine that when a new user registers for your site you want to send them an email 3 days later with a coupon code for a discount. How about when a user doesn't log in for 10 days? You should probably send them an email asking them if there is anything you can do to keep them engaged.

Then there are the course related engagements that create gamification. Issue certificates and achievements on completion of lessons, sections and courses. If you want to give out achievements and certificates for non-course related events, you can do that too.

Here's why we are selling engagements so hard: This is your opportunity to scale the human touch without sitting at your computer 23 hours a day. You can set up engagements to automate interaction and gamification.

We feel that engagements is one of the things that make LifterLMS not good but great. When you purchase a license for LifterLMS you will get a full year of updates including all of the amazing new engagement types and event triggers we think of.

Have a suggestion for an engagement type or event trigger? Contact us and tell us what you need.


Create an unlimited number of engagements to fire off of a single event.

Use achievements to add gamification to your LMS.


It's all about giving your students something to keep going.

Achievements help you fill in the gaps between course beginning and end. You can also give achievements to users for any engagement.

Want to give a user a 1st time logging in achievement? How about one for completing section 1 of the course? If you can create an engagement for an event in LifterLMS you can issue an achievement when that event happens.

Achievements are badges and give you the unique ability to "gamify" your teaching, increasing your students engagement with your online course. Create custom achievements to keep students engaged in the course and coming back for more.


Let your students prove their knowledge to the world.

What's the point of taking an online course if you can't prove it. LifterLMS takes a unique approach to certificates. When a student earns a certificate through your LMS that page can be shared. Anyone can view the certificate when the student shares a link. This means that when John completes your cooking class he can then send a link to his boss or add the link to a resume. Even better, maybe he will post it to Facebook or Twitter attracting new students to your course!

If John wants to print his certificate and hang it on the wall he can do that too. 

LifterLMS certificates aren't a little text box where you put in a bunch of HTML and use a generic certificate background. We've gone beyond the traditional "add a certificate to this course" that you see in other WordPress LMS's. 

In LifterLMS you can build your certificate just like you build courses and lessons. We even give you a handful of handy merge fields like first name, last name and date so the certificate is personalized for each student. 

You can upload your own certificate background or use our default.

But wait there's more! Certificates are not just linked to courses. You can use LifterLMS's built in engagement tool to give certificates on any engagement trigger. If there's an engagement for an event in your LMS, you can give a certificate when that event happens.


Add anything you want to a certificate: audio, video, links. Use the merge fields to personalize the certificate for the student.

Certificates are public links the student can share with anyone. They can share their achievement with the world.

Add images, links and text formatting to your emails.


Automate emails to keep the conversation going.

Just like Achievements and certificates you can trigger emails to be sent to users of your system on any engagement. 

When you install LifterLMS we get you started with a Welcome email to show you how to create emails. Create as many emails as you want, tie them to an engagement, then sit back, relax and let LifterLMS send your students engaging emails based on your event triggers. We even include a number of handy merge fields like first name, last name, site title and current date to personalize the emails.

You can customize your email templates even further with a header image and footer information. 

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