Selling Courses has Never Been this Easy

Selling courses with any other LMS usually requires you to hire a developer just to make things work the way you need. With LifterLMS, you get pre-built shopping cart functionality designed specifically for the needs of teaching online.  You can easily accept payments and validate your course with the built in manual gateway. It's important for us for you to be able to generate income without having to invest in an ecommerce add-on from LifterLMS until you have money coming in.

After you get validation ...

Accept Credit Card Payments Directly on Your Website

Our Stripe extension is awesome too and designed specifically for the needs of accepting credit cards directly on your website when selling courses and/or memberships.

You can accept one time and/or recurring payments for access to your courses and memberships.

If a recurring payment fails, the user is automatically removed from the course they were in.

Accept PayPal Payments for Your Courses

You can also bring PayPal in as an option for people to buy from you with the LifterLMS PayPal Add-on.

In our experience if you offer both credit card and PayPal checkout options, 30% choose PayPal. If you would like to maximize sales, it's a good idea to offer both credit card (Stripe) and PayPal checkout options with LifterLMS.

If You Need WooCommerce, You can Use That Too

If you'd like to tap into the WooCommerce shopping cart ecosystem, we offer a LifterLMS WooCommerce Add-on.

The main reasons to use WooCommerce with LifterLMS is that you require one of the Woo payment gateways that is not offered by LifterLMS or you would like to sell courses mixed in with other products in your WooCommerce store.

Coupons, Vouchers and Access Plans

Promotions have never been easier with our integrated coupon management system, and managing your orders is also a breeze with built-in LifterLMS reporting.

Also if you are selling your courses offline or in bulk, you'll love the LifterLMS voucher system.

Here's a quick look at the powerful course and membership access plan engine. Watch the video , and you'll see how any pricing model you can come up with is possible with LifterLMS.

You can sell your courses for a one-time price or require subscription payments for your users. Tracking your sales and income with built in eCommerce analytics and reporting has never been easier.

Learn about some of the features that make LifterLMS so awesome


Customize Content

Create custom sidebars for your course or membership level



Award badges based on lesson and course completion



Easily create and manage member levels


Student Profiles

Students never login to the WordPress backend



Track orders, issue refunds, and more


Simple Interface

Create your course and start selling in minutes


Drip Content

Drip content in a cadence that makes sense for your course



Create promotions for your courses


Mobile Responsive

Elearning never looked so good on mobile

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