How do I Make My Homepage Look Like the LifterLMS Demo site with LifterLMS and Beaver Builder?


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If you would like a homepage layout and demo content similar to what you see here on the LifterLMS demo, you can choose to add the Beaver Builder page building plugin to your site and import the Beaver Builder template we provide you in LifterLMS Powerpack.

On your WordPress site, you will need the following installed:


Create a new blank page that will become your new homepage

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Navigate to WordPress > Pages > Add New

  1. Create a page title for your homepage
  2. Do not add content
  3. In the LaunchPad options for the page ensure that the page is full width
  4. In the LaunchPad options for the page hide the page title

Import the LaunchPad theme settings skin from your LifterLMS Powerpack zip file

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Unzip your LifterLMS Powerpack Graphics pack zip file. If you have purchased LifterLMS Powerpack by itself or via a bundle, you can download it from your account here.

  1. Locate the LaunchPad theme skin file, open it, copy the contents
  2. Paste the contents into WordPress > Appearance > LaunchPad > Advanced > Import > Saved Settings

For more information on working with LaunchPad theme settings imports and exports, please view this documentation.

Import Beaver Builder Template to Your Blank Homepage

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  1. Navigate to your blank homepage on the front end of your website.
  2. Launch Beaver Builder for that page.
  3. Follow the template import instructions on the Beaver Builder website
  4. The template file you will be importing is included in the LifterLMS Powerpack Graphics pack and is called “LifterLMS demo homepage Beaver Builder template import file.xml” You will need to unzip your LifterLMS Powerpack Graphics Pack Download and locate the import file so you are ready to import it

Congratulations! You have successfully imported some LaunchPad theme settings and a Beaver builder template so that your homepage looks like the LifterLMS demo site.

Beaver Builder vs LifterLMS Support

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If you need help using Beaver Builder, please contact Beaver Builder support here. If you need help with LifterLMS Powerpack or the LifterLMS LaunchPad theme, please contact LifterLMS support here.

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