Getting Started with LifterLMS PayPal (2.0 Beta)


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LifterLMS PayPal allows you to accept payments for courses and memberships via PayPal Checkout using customizable Smart Payment Buttons, enabling your students to pay without leaving your site.

This document refers to the new LifterLMS PayPal 2.0, currently in beta. Refer to the (legacy) LifterLMS PayPal guide for information about the 1.0 version.


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Setup and Configuration

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To setup and configure LifterLMS PayPal settings head to LifterLMS -> Settings -> Checkout and click PayPal on the Payment Gateways table.

Payment Gateways Table

On this screen you can configure the LifterLMS PayPal settings:

  • Enable/Disable: Controls whether or not PayPal will be available as a payment method at checkout.
  • Title: Customize the payment method’s name at checkout.
  • Description: Additional information displayed below the name at checkout.
  • PayPal Sandbox: Enable this to process payments via the PayPal sandbox for testing.
  • Debug Logging: Debug logging stores API requests and other information in a log file for debugging by yourself or the LifterLMS support team.

PayPal Settings

API Credentials

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Add your PayPal REST App API credentials in order to start accepting payments.

  1. Head to and click “Log into Dashboard”
  2. Log into your PayPal account
  3. Create a Sandbox Business Account
    1. Navigate to Sandbox -> Accounts in the sidebar menu
    2. Click the “Create Account” button
    3. Under “Account Type” select “Business (Merchant Account)”
    4. Enter an email address and password
      1. We recommend appending “+seller” to the end of your PayPal account email, for example “[email protected]”.
    5. Optionally enter a first and last name and balance
    6. Click “Create Account”
  4. Create a new REST API App
    1. Navigate to Sandbox -> My Apps & Credentials in the sidebar menu
    2. Under “REST API apps” click the “Create App” button
    3. Name your app and select the Sandbox Business Account you created in Step 3
    4. Click “Create App”
  5. Add your API Credentials to the LifterLMS PayPal settings
    1. Use the toggle on the top right of the screen to toggle between Sandbox and Live credentials
    2. Copy the Client ID and paste it into the “Client ID” field on the LifterLMS PayPal settings screen
    3. Click “Show” below “Secret” and copy and paste the key into the “Client Secret” field on LifterLMS PayPal settings screen
    4. Click “Save” on the LifterLMS PayPal settings screen
    5. Note: Live credentials will not work in Sandbox mode and sandbox credentials will not work in live mode!
    6. LifterLMS PayPal will attempt to verify the API credentials and report a success or error message accordingly.
      1. If you receive an error message please double check your credentials and try again.
      2. If you continue to have issues enable Debug Logging, try again, and then open a new support request (providing a copy of the log file and error message).
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