Display what you want when you want

Easily setup custom sidebars for your entire site using the built in LifterLMS widgets and short codes.

Course and Lesson Sidebars

Customize your learning experience by giving the Courses and Lessons their own sidebars. Add any of your existing widgets plus any of the custom LifterLMS widgets including Course Syllabus and Course Progress. Use any of the LifterLMS or other short codes in the sidebars to give even more customization to Courses and Lessons.


LifterLMS includes custom course and lesson widgets to display user content in any widget area. View the widget documentation. Our widgets are directly driven by customer demand. Need a widget we don't already offer? Please tell us about your need. We will not only try to release the widget quickly we'll make sure and give you credit for your suggestion. Click here to request a widget.

Short Codes

LifterLMS has an extensive short code library.

Use LifterLMS short codes anywhere on your site to build a seamless learning and purchase experience for users. You can create custom course libraries, registration pages, achievement tracking, user statistics, etc, etc... You can view the short code documentation here.

Need a short code we don't already offer? Jump on the forums and tell us about your need. We will not only try to release the short code quickly we'll make sure and give you credit for your suggestion. Click here to request a short code on the forums.

Use the courses short code to display courses anywhere on your site.

The LifterLMS LaunchPad theme makes it easy to create the exact design look and feel to match your style.

The Best Themes for LifterLMS

LifterLMS has an awesome theme called LaunchPad for sale individually or as part of the Universe Bundle. If you looked at the LifterLMS demo, you've seen the LaunchPad theme in action.

The LaunchPad theme gives you incredible control over the look and feel of your site without you needing to know how to write custom code.

There are also other great themes out there made for LifterLMS like the Divi child theme Ventura, Course Lady, and Michigan Learning Suite.

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Customize Content

Create custom sidebars for your course or membership level



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