How to Create an Online Yoga Course in 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever felt like you were bumping up against a ceiling of how much you could earn in your yoga career? You can only raise your class and private client rates so high before hitting a ceiling. You love what you do but you want to earn more income, serve more people, and get a little more freedom back into your life. Feelings like that are probably what lead you here to explore online courses as something you could add to your business.

Our Journey with You | LifterLMS 2017 Year in Review

The LifterLMS story continues to unfold, empowering education entrepreneurs all around the world to teach online and build profitable teaching companies. 2017 saw incredible growth for LifterLMS in many ways. I’d like to take a pause and share some highlights from 2017. What went well with LifterLMS in 2017? We released the Infinity Bundle and…